Monday, October 13, 2014

Catching Up & SLANT Box(es)

It has been quite a while since I have written, too long, especially based on the number of pictures that I have collected for posts I intended on writing.  Pictures of things I was preparing for my room before school started, my room all ready to meet my new 1st grade kiddos, etc.  So my goal is to start small, to set a goal to post once a week.  For the most part I will try to post new things, what we are doing in my class etc.  Sometimes I will go back and post some of the things I had in mind.

One of the biggest reasons that I have not posted in so long, in addition to the whole back to school thing, is that I found out at the very end of July that I am pregnant with my 1st baby!  Not only did this consume my thoughts, but also drained me.  I could have crawled into a cave and slept my whole first trimester if it weren't for the fact that it was back to school.  So I just did not have the energy to plan and write most days.  Now that I have my energy back, I am hoping that I will be back!

So for todays catch up: SLANT Box(es)!

SLANT Box Exchange
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I never posted about the amazing box I got in August and got my September box this week and want to post about that one too.  So first...


In August the theme was "Home Town Pride".  My partner was Holly from .  Holly is from Cincinnati, so my box included some awesome things!

 My awesome August box from Cincinnati

 New teacher mug, a scarf in my favorite color, Green, and some tea
 Flying Pigs are a big thing in Cincinnati, so Holly included this cute flying pig.

 Some Cincinnati Chili and recipes

 Sharon Creech is from Cincinnati! and a Bangles Bracelet  (sorry Holly, I have to wait to wear this until after football season since I love my Giants!)

 My card from Holly with a picture of the skyline in Cincinnati

I brought my Flying Pig to school since its what I want to tell the kids some days when their questions are just too crazy for an actual response! Haha


In September the theme was "Teach On" and my partner this time was Sandy from Fearless in 5th.  
 You know its going to be a good Month when 2 boxes arrive!
p.s. Sandy I need to know where this duct tape is from its too cute!

 I was so excited to unwrap I almost didn't take pictures

 My last initial painted to match my Teal and Lime Green classroom.

 On to the second box!

I forgot to take pictures at home since I brought everything from my "Teach On" box to school.  So instead here are the pictures of all my goodies at school and for some where I put them at school to use.


 Who doesn't go crazy over school supplies!

 This cute notebook actually ended up in my purse not at school.  At the moment I have been using it to keep track of name ideas for the baby!

 The green and blue note cards went right into my notes home basket.  Some of the other notes in here are pre-printed ones that go home frequently.

 I might have an obsession with Duct Tape, and the Lime green fits in perfectly!
 My pencil pouch I keep in my school bag fits right in with this months theme and the Flair Pens and post-its went right in to use.
 Again I might have an obsession/problem/addiction, but I did not have neon sharpies so my collection is feeling more complete!
Who doesn't love fun shaped post-its, and the acorns are just right for fall.

I love joining every month and getting to know new teachers.  Getting to know 2 new teachers each month is almost as exciting as getting fun presents in the mail!  If you have never tried it click on the SLANT Box Icon on the side, it will take you to Lessons with Coffee's blog to join!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Students

School starts in less than 20 days for teachers (19 to be exact).  As I set up my room I try picturing all of the new faces that will be sitting on the rug looking back at me, or working around their tables in small groups.  This means I am also trying to decide where to have students sit, never an easy task until you meet them.  So my question for you this week is...

How many students do you have on average?


I had 19 my first year and 17 last year (the photo above).  I have 17 this coming year, and some of the other 1st grade classes have less so I shouldn't be getting any new students.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday Made It 8-4-14

Monday Made it Part 3!

I know I showed the desk earlier as part of a Wordless Wednesday, but I'm including it since I finally finished the matching Mailboxes to go with it!



The matching Mailboxes! These mailboxes are going on their 16th year. My mom bought them her first year teaching, and last school year got a new set. I had a different set that I inherited from somewhere before I even had a classroom, but they were in really, really bad shape. I wish I had taken a before picture of my current set, there were layers and layers of old name tags that refused to peel off, and since I used 3M hooks on the side to hang my passes the paneling on the sides was peeling in spots. I LOVE contact paper!

Chevron contact paper for the sides and on to the back, Whiteboard contact paper for the rest of the back with a cute Lime Green polka dot border and some Lime Green masking tape for the front plastic and they are like all new mailboxes! I just need to decide how I will attach the kids names. I'm thinking about using the number system this year since labels do not easily come off book bins, so maybe I'll spray paint some binder clips and add numbers that way. Besure to check back in a week or so to see what I decide!

 I forgot to take a picture of the finished back, and I need help deciding what I will use it for, so when I stop into school tomorrow I will update the post and would love ideas!

I didn't make this the Awesome Lindsey from did.  My Blog got a new design this week!  I am so excited about the way it looks, and she even made me a matching cover photo for my soon to exist Facebook and a banner for my Brand new TPT store.

I made my first product for TPT this week! I have made so many of my own things for my classroom I decided to share my new Birthday board.  I have also started going through all of the things I have made over the last 2 years I have been teaching and the 2 years I was a reading tutor (and hadn't discovered TPT) so see what else I can share.

School starts again for Teachers on the 25th so I know I will have a lot more Monday Made Its to show in the next few weeks!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

High and Low-Week of 7/2/14

Its the weekend and that means its time to join AFirstforEverything for another weekly Linky Party!

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I didn't get a chance to link up last weekend because my mom, sisters, Gram and I had a girls day/night in the city (NYC). We saw a Hysterical show call Bullets over Broadway which usually stars Zach Braff (the cutie from Scrubs) but his understudy was playing that day I think because we saw the matinee. We also went to an amazing restaurant for desert called Max Brennen's. It is basically just a chocolate restaurant, although apparently it serves real food too, but who needs that!

This week was also my husband and my 1 year anniversary! This year has flown by faster than any I can remember. For my birthday this past May when I turned 30, my husband surprised me with a trip to St. John for the 2 of us and my stepson during winter vacation. This was also suppose to be an anniversary gift, but he decided since year 1 is suppose to be paper he gave me a card with the rental information for a boat while we are in St. John (I think that counts a paper!).

We also had some red velvet cheesecake I picked up the day before in the city and champagne that had been a wedding present. I forgot our frozen cupcakes in my parents freezer, but since they were frozen red velvet cupcakes the cheesecake worked out perfect. Plus this way we can eat the wedding cake with my stepson (we saved him a chocolate cupcake) since it was the part of the wedding he was most excited about.
This week was also my mom's birthday and I love when I find her just the right gift!
I also posted my very first products on TPT this week!

I met my new principal and vice principal. They both seem very nice so that's not really a low, but I LOVED my principal who just retired and my vice principal who moved to a smaller town and part time position to partially retire. They hired me 2 years ago and have been amazingly supportive. My principal was even at my wedding last summer (the vice was on vacation).

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wordless Wednesday July 30th

I want to start by saying Happy Birthday Mom! My mom is my hero, inspiration, mentor and best friend. She is who I call when I have exciting news and when I need to vent.

So she is also the inspiration for todays Wordless Wednesday.
The night I got engaged!

Our growing family (2 years ago)

I'm not the only one who loves her!
Her "Girls"
She is one of the biggest reasons I became a teacher. I watched my mom go back to school when my baby sister started Kindergarten, so she could get her Bachelors degree, then Masters and Sixth year. She has been teaching 6th grade since 1999, and before she went back to school she taught pre-school. I can always hear her advice before I even call, but still always call to hear her say it.

So my question for you this week is who is your inspiration, your hero?